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m ETERNAL WOLF Deduct your own losses from the losses of your opponent, and if you get a positive number, it was a great victory.

Terry Pratchett, Night Watch
Companies create legends, so get to know

Eternal Wolf

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We are a group of people who try to balance responsibility in real life with the pursuit of success in the game. In our company we have people who are parents, work / run their own business, study – that’s why we want to make the most of the time spent playing together. We are looking for PvP / PvE players with whom we will be able to exist in the world of Aeternum – being a member of the organized coalition of the Empire we want to control the economy, have a wide range of crafting skills while having fun 🙂


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We are currently recruiting mature people who will be involved in the development of the company. We want us all to organize and work together as a team – so that it is one of the better companies not only in terms of city capture and visibility, but also as a close-knit group of people.
It is very possible that due to the interest we will form two companies that will cooperate as one (remember that none of these groups will be better or worse – the one in which you land will not matter, because only TOGETHER we will create UNITY).
What do we expect from you?
+ First of all, communication – Discord is a mandatory basis here
+ Good management and planning of your time in the game (joint PVP missions, wars or defense will have specific dates)
+ Responsibility and maturity
The most important thing is that you can enjoy the pleasures offered by the game with the possibility of “switching” to the “serious” mode – important events for the development of the company are very important. Besides, what you do in your free time depends only on you. We all want to create one of the most efficient companies, so let’s work as a team and be one of the best!

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